Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Series Part V: Desserts

As delicious and wonderful as Thanksgiving dinner is, I must admit that on more than one occasion, I’ve passed on seconds (seconds that I really would’ve enjoyed), to save room for dessert. When I celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom, we usually have both old standby’s and new additions. Last year, for example, the vegan desserts that we brought an apple Bundt cake with a brown sugar glaze from The Joy of Vegan Baking and a pumpkin cheesecake with a chocolate-hazelnut swirl. Both were incredibly decadent and worth of making again. Also note, that both used traditional flavors, but with a twist.

For a Thanksgiving pot luck I attended this past weekend, I brought ice cream sandwiches. They were chocolate-hazelnut butter cookies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips. But, if traditional flavors are more your thing, apple-cinnamon cookies with vanilla ice cream would be scrumptious. Oh, oh, oh! So would pumpkin cookies with chocolate ice cream. How about pecan butter cookies with butter pecan ice cream? Seriously, my brain keeps coming up with flavor combinations.

Of course, the internet is full of recipes. Somehow when I’m hungry at work, this peanut butter caramel cheesecake studded with pumpkincookie dough magically appears on my screen. Are you drooling? Because I am. It’s on my list of “must makes.” Maybe for Christmas?

If the idea of a warm dessert interest you, then check out these grilled almond butter, chocolate and pomegranate sandwiches from Minimalist Baker. I bet they would be gooey and satisfying.

Or what about a raw cranberry walnut tart with a white chocolate drizzle from The Sweet Life?

Personally, I’ve been dying for one of Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s pumpkin cinnamon rolls filled with cranberry sauce and topped with a maple icing. I’m pretty sure that would make an amazing Black Friday breakfast too, considering how much I adore homemade cinnamon rolls AND Thanksgiving flavors.

Have you considered pumpkin doughnuts from Mighty Vegan? Or Sinless Sticky Toffee PecanPudding from Oh She Glows?

I hope you can see how many amazing recipes are out there and that being vegan has nothing to do with deprivation. This was the last addition of my Thanksgiving Series. I hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast. Oh, and please tell me some of your favorite Thanksgiving desserts. 


  1. The cheesecake is now on my to-do list. It sounds AMAZING!

    1. Vegan cheesecakes are just fabulous. I love coming up with new flavor combinations

  2. Wowweee! All of these desserts look amazing. Believe it or not, we did not make dessert this year because things just got too hectic. Now I am regretting it. Luckily, the holiday season is still upon us so I can make some of these lovelies!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Can't wait to see what you make this holiday season. There is so much to choose from.